Perhaps today more than ever, our choices matter. Here at Cape Organics, we believe that knowing the story behind the food you buy and eat helps you to make better choices. Knowing where your food comes from, and how it is produced, has never been more important. We believe choosing organically grown fruits and vegetables is one of the most important choices you can make.

We started Cape Organics back in 2000, with the desire to champion the organic growers of South Africa.

Since then, the demand for organic fruit and vegetables has been through its ups and downs, yet our initial dream of making local, naturally grown fresh produce more accessible has never disappeared.

Today, more and more people are choosing to live an organic lifestyle and we believe this is one of the best choices we can make, not only for our immediate family and community, but for future generations and the environments they will inhabit.

We have partnered with leading South African health and wellness retailer, Wellness Warehouse, to provide a full range of organic fruit and vegetables. The Cape Organics range is currently available at selected Wellness Warehouse stores in Cape Town and will be available at all Wellness Warehouse stores countrywide by the end of 2018.



As governments globally are tasked with feeding increasing populations, we are torn between producing cheap food, with the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and excessive packaging, and considering the true cost of this intensive agriculture, not only to our planet, but to the people consuming conventionally farmed food.

We believe that choosing to eat organic is one of the best choices we can make. An organic lifestyle influences our own wellbeing, the wellbeing of our immediate family and community.

It influences how future generations will live and eat, and the environments they will go on to inhabit.

We want to make natural, organically grown food, full of flavour and free of additives and preservatives accessible again. Our hope is that our range of fully certified organic products will make it easier for you to choose organic and in doing so, we will be championing local, South African organic growers.


To be able to tell the story behind our food, we need to be working closely with our growers – and that’s exactly what we do! There aren’t many people who farm organically in South Africa, but we want that to change, and we’re working in cooperation with small, organic growers to try to champion locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

All the fresh produce in the Cape Organics range comes straight from these farms and onto the shelves of Wellness Warehouse, often within 24 hours! We know exactly where it comes from, who has grown it, and importantly how they’ve grown it.


It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to farm organically. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in rich, healthy soil that hasn’t been depleted through the use of harsh chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers. We believe this is where the organic wellness journey begins. In making the choice to farm organically, our soils feel the benefits immediately. Healthy soils mean healthy ecosystems and the environments we farm in, the wildlife and animals, all flourish too.


We believe that when people eat organic fruit and vegetables, they really can taste the difference and many people choose to eat organic purely because of taste alone.


We all know that foods rich in antioxidants are good for us, there is strong evidence to suggest that they protect against cancers, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. But, is there a link between organic food and antioxidant levels?

The answer is yes! A landmark scientific paper in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that organic food has up to 70% higher concentrations of plant antioxidants than conventionally produced food*. This means that organic crop consumption is like eating one or two extra portions of fruit and vegetables each day.